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Yorkshire Wolds Way

Client: National Trails 

Production Company: Orillo Films 

Director: Jack Turner

My role:  Editor/Motion Graphics/Sound design

A short film to promote one of Britain's least known but most loved trails. Driven by the sights and sounds of the Yorkshire Wolds, the film follows a young couple as they explore the Yorkshire Wolds Way and reconnect with nature. 

It was great to begin collaborating with the director in pre production and help shape the creative approach for this project. I found it really rewarding to work on a film driven purely by the sound design and visuals and it allowed a lot of creative freedom in post production.  The slower pace of the film allowed us to really let the cinematography breathe and reflect the relaxing effect of spending time in the great outdoors.  I also really enjoyed creating the motion graphics for this film, which I created using a mix of stills taken from the footage and those captured on polaroid during production. 

We created two deliverables for this project, a 2:30 main campaign film and a 60-second teaser for social channels. 

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