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Tribe 'Run For Love 3' Campaign

Client: Tribe

Production Company: Orillo Films 

My role: Editor, Motion Graphics & Colour

In 2019/20 I edited a series of 8 short films and 1 feature length documentary for Tribe about the 'Run for Love', A 250Km Ultra Marathon to raise funds against human trafficking.

The short films ranged from trailers, to fast turnaround, story-driven event updates and films to generate fundraising. As a team, our objective was to elevate the films beyond standard event coverage. As the editor I aimed to do this by weaving as much emotion and drama throughout the films as possible to reflect the scale of the challenge, the highs and lows of undertaking such a feat and the cause binding them all together.


My role extended beyond editing to include sound design, animation and colour grading. I used this project as a chance to push myself in developing my After Effects skills, and I enjoyed creating the motion graphics, lower thirds and 3D 'landslice' maps. I was also heavily involved in preproduction and collaborated with the director, producer and DOP throughout the process.


Some of the key challenges were working to a fast turnaround and managing many hours of rushes and archive material. For the main event we released 3 x 5 minute films in 8 days, which were cut down from around 35 hours of rushes. This was a fantastic project to work on and I am looking forward to releasing the documentary this year.

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