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McDonald's 'Flagship Farmers' 

Client: McDonald's

Agency: Taylor Made Media

Post Production Company: Orillo Films 

Director: Simon Berry

My role:  Colourist

In November 2019 I colour graded a series of 3 films for McDonald's as part of their flagship farmers series. Each film was shot in a different location (Calgary, South Dakota and Texas) over several days. The brief was to accentuate the greens of the landscapes  whilst to keeping the image as natural looking as possible.


Working remotely I used DaVinci Resolve to create the look and send reference stills to the director and agency. After the look was approved I spent a half day grading each film. As the films were shot using natural light and over several days, the key challenge was creating consistency throughout each film by matching shots or matching time of day. In some shots I masked the characters faces and gave them a healthier skin tone as this was important to the client. The final stage was adding film grain to add texture and warmth to the films.

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