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Client: Macmillan Cancer Support

Production Company: Orillo Films 

Director: Marcos Shephard

My role: Editor 

In 2019 I edited a 15 minute documentary for Macmillan Cancer Support about the 'Value Based Approach', a new patient centred method of conducting cancer care and cancer services. This was a very eye opening project to edit and it was really rewarding to work on a film that would help make a positive difference to those affected by cancer.


I worked with the director and producer in preproduction to decide how we were going to tell this story creatively. This meant that when it came to postproduction I had a clear strategy and approach for crafting over 15 hours of interviews and observational footage in to an engaging 15 minute film. During post production I took the decision to incorporate actuality sound bites from the b-roll throughout the narrative. I feel like this added a 'cinema verite' aspect, making you feel like you were in the room with the patients and professionals. Strengthening the connection between what was being said in the talking head interviews and what was being shown in the b-roll.


Perfecting the sound design of the film was really important as it helped punctuate the different locations and scenes of the film. Simple things like adding a ticking clock sound effect to the scene about patient waiting times helped reinforce the message that time is so crucial to cancer care and add a feeling of urgency to the scene. In addition to the main 'feature' I edited 4, short, 3-5 minute films. One of which you can see here. 

"Thank you to you and the team for a fantastic job. This has been a great piece of work to be involved in but more so the ability to work with such lovely people who got the concept and ran with it. You absolutely delivered.” - Lynn Mack, Cancer and haematology service manager at NHS Lanarkshire

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