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Always Moving Forward:The Story Of The Hardmoors 50|Documentary 

Production Company: Orillo Films 

My role: Director & Editor

The Hardmoors 55 is a 55 mile ultra marathon taking place on the Cleveland Way National Trail in the North York Moors National Park. 2019 marked both the 50th anniversary of the Cleveland Way and the 10th edition of the Hardmoors 55 and so a one off anniversary race took place. 'Always Moving Forward' follows the journey of three runners as they take on this infamous challenge. Exploring the unique culture surrounding the race series, the beauty of the Cleveland Way and the different reasons motivating people to take on feats of Ultra endurance.

A documentary I directed and edited made possible by the Orillo Films passion project scheme. The scheme lets employees pitch an idea for a film which they would like to make. If the pitch is successful then Orillo helps facilitate the shoot with crew, equipment etc.  Upon completion of the film I arranged a  one off screening of the film including a Q and A with the characters. The film is now being considered for several film festivals in the UK and abroad. 

As director my role encompassed everything from coming up with the film idea, finding the characters, conducting interviews, directing the style of the filming, planning how we were going to cover the race, communicating with all members of the crew and finding the narrative of the film in post production.


As Editor my role involved weaving together the actuality footage, pre race interviews, retrospective interviews and archive footage in to an engaging 30 minute film. It also involved communicating with other members of the post team and giving direction and guidance on the graphics, sound design and colour grade.

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