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Flight Club 'London Ballet' 

Client: Flight Club

Agency: The Romans

Production Company: Orillo Films 

My role: Editor & Colourist

A short 'mockumentary' film I edited and graded for Orillo Films. This was the first time I had worked in the documentary style and with comedy. I found that pacing was key to the humour and by layering the sound from the rehearsals and performances under the interviews we could arrive at the funny moments without it feeling contrived.


Most of the performance was unscripted so this gave me lots of material to work with and the director allowed me to use my own initiative when selecting the best content.


One of my favourite creative decisions was intercutting the audition scene with the flight club owners interview (Timecode: 1 minute ) . Combining the two elements of the story in this way helped us to get the film down to 90 seconds while still keeping in some of the great moments from the audition.

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