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Martha Newell Sponsorship fil.

Client:  Martha Newell

Production Company: Orillo Films 

Director: Me

My role:  Editor/Motion Graphics/Sound Design/Grade. 

A passion project for aspiring Olympic Skier Martha Newell.  I was approached by one of Martha's sponsors and tasked with creating a hype film to attract additional sponsors to help progress her skiing career. 


The film was created with a mix of original interview and training footage captured by Orillo, combined with stock footage and Marthas own archive content.  I directed the interview at Stars Gym in Battersea and tried to tease out Marthas competitive side and passion for skiing. 

This was my first cut in Avid Media Composer which I set myself the goal of learning in 2022 and it was good to finally put these skills to the test on a commercial project.

I used Adobe after effect to create motion graphics, the sound design and mix was done in Adobe audition and the Grade was done in Davinci Resolve. 


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