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Chasing Toko | Documentary

Distributor: The Olympic Channel & Discovery +

Production Company: Orillo Films 

Producer: Keenan Foley 

Director: Jack Turner

My role:  Editor/Writer

Chasing Tokyo tells the story of a group of sailors from the British Sailing Team as they head to one of the most uncertain Olympic Games in history, as the world - and their sport - changes around them.

In this 90 minutes feature documentary, we get exceptional access to the team as they are about to embark on an unprecedented journey.

During more than two years, film director Jack Turner followed the athletes and their coaches, family and friends from the early days of the global covid pandemic to the finish line. All while portraying the beautiful coastline of Portland, home base of the team and London 2012 memorable sailing venue.

If the British Sailing is the most successful Olympic team to date, who has ever sailed an Olympic Games in a pandemic?

For the past 2 years I've undertaken the role of lead editor on this project. Working as both an editor and writer, reviewing dailies and collaborating with the producer and director to help inform shooting decisions and creative approach. I  developed and streamlined the workflow for the production so that regular footage reviews can take place and the production crew can adapt their shooting style. As well as cutting the final feature and overseeing post production processes like music composition and the grade I  cut several sizzle reels and trailers to be used in investment and distribution pitches and ultimately secure the sale of the film. 


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