Chasing Toko | Documentary

Client: Royal Yachting Association

Production Company: Orillo Films 

Director: Jack Turner

My role:  Editor


Sizzle reel available upon request.

For the past 9 months I've undertaken the role of lead editor on this project, reviewing dailies and collaborating with the producer and director to help inform shooting decisions and creative approach. I've developed and streamlined the workflow for the production so that regular footage reviews can take place and the production crew can adapt their shooting style. In addition to this I've cut several sizzle reels and trailers to be used in investment and distribution pitches and to show key stakeholders the content we have captured thus far.

"The most successful, the least loved. This is the hidden story of British sailing and their fractured journey to the postponed Olympic Games.

For four years, 15 athletes have been chasing one dream - to go to the Tokyo olympics. Lives put on hold, living on a shoestring, pushing themselves to the limit of body and mind. This is not what you think olympians look like.

Imagine Eilidh McIntyre, a sailor heading to her first ever games under the shadow of her legendary father, an olympic gold medalist who inspired her every move. Not only that, her sailing partner is Hannah Mills. if she wins with Eilidh, Hannah will become the most decorated sailor in history. this is no average pressure.

Imagine Tom Squires, an olympic windsurfer who lives in a van. He has seen failure too many times and his chance to change the perceptions of ‘chilled tom’ is now.

The British sailing team must navigate a year where they might never race until they reach Tokyo 2021. And if they don’t, the fallout will be huge. As management frantically organise and athletes try keep a clear mind, we hero a sport neglected from the olympic narrative, trying to win gold on the stage that inspires so many".