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Brothers In The Sand | Feature Documentary

Production Company: Orillo Films 

Director: Tom Magnus

My role: Editor & Colourist

`Five siblings attempt to become the first family in history to complete the Marathon Des Sables. But the world's toughest footrace pushes them to confront much more than the landscape of the Sahara Desert, as they discover what their brotherhood means to them. Exploring depression, sibling rivalry, and- when one brother comes to the brink of failure - their bond as siblings.'


A feature length documentary I edited and graded for Orillo Films. The film was picked up by Hatrick international and was screened on television in multiple territories and on Amazon Prime video.

As the sole editor of the film I managed every stage of post, from ingesting the footage through to creating all the deliverables and ensuring the extensive QC checks were passed. I spent 3 months working with one director and creating the trailer with the objective of securing further investment and distribution. About a year later the project received more funding and I spent three months with a different director creating the finished film.


With over 60 hours of rushes, our approach was to focus on the emotional aspects of the story and keep the audience in the present tense. We took the decision to mostly stay away from using over 15 hours of retrospective interviews for the main characters as we felt these took the audience out of the Sahara and the intensity of the race. On the few occasions we did use snippets from them, they were woven in to the actuality footage which helped us really bring depth to the characters relationships with one another and engage the audience. This has been one of my favourite projects to date.

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